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This is not a testimonial; this is a career changing story. I am so proud to have done my 300 hours teacher training with Rachel at Samporna Yoga, India and have assisted in courses in which Rachel was teaching. Learning from Rachel was not only a good experience; it was a career changing experience. She has inspired me so much to an extent that sometimes when I am teaching classes, I see myself naturally copying her style. Rachel’s immense experience and mastery of all corners of yoga is her biggest strength. She has deep knowledge in anatomy, adjustment, alignment, pranayama (etc.) and makes them so approachable to her students. She also has very deep knowledge of the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and as a person she embodies the “ethics of a true yogi”.

Having practiced with so many teachers from all over the world, I can also say that Rachel’s asana classes are amongst the best I have ever practiced. She uses her deep knowledge of anatomy and her extensive experience of all fields of yoga to sequence her classes in such a way that by the end of the class she takes you to a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. She takes her students from a world of spirituality, from awareness of the subtle body to awareness of the physical body, and vice versa. She inspires her students to push themselves beyond their boundaries but to also be aware of their bodies’ limitations, and respect such limitations. She taught me to focus on the journey, rather than focusing on a posture. She taught me to be a true yogi and to stay away from fakeness.  Today I am opening my own studio, and would like to dedicate a big part of my success to this beautiful soul, to whom I am forever grateful.

Hala, Beirut, Lebanon (500RYT)

I did both my 200hr TTC (2013) and 300 hr TTC (2015) at Sampoorna Yoga in India with Rachel and words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel towards her. Both teacher trainings were very well structured, intense and challenging. Rachel’s expert guidance and in-depth knowledge on asanas, technique, anatomy, alignment and adjustments, combined with her gentleness and her passion for teaching have been instrumental in my development as both a practitioner and a teacher.

Rachel’s lessons are awesome. They are always very well prepared, inspiring, creative, demanding and fun. After every class I found myself saying, I must remember that sequence…!

Rachel has encouraged me to look for my edge, progress and pursue the limitless potential of yoga. Her approach is very professional and compassionate and she genuinely wants to help her students advance. Her feedback is always honest and authentic.

I have learned tremendous amounts from Rachel and she is extremely generous in passing on a number of pearls that help your yoga practice both on and off the mat.In short, Rachel is a bright light in this world and has a wealth of knowledge to share with those who are ready and willing to receive and transform.

Yolanda, Holland/USA (RYT500)

I followed the Yoga Alliance 300h TTC in Sampoorna Yoga school (India) in February 2015, having Rachel as a course director.

I cannot express in words how lucky I’ve been to have a devoted teacher like Rachel: Each class was perfectly tailored for each study subject. Everybody could feel that there was a huge work behind each asana, anatomy or posture clinic session she was teaching.

I especially appreciate her mastery of human body structure and how she linked it with every movement explicit and implicit in each asana. That is very important for someone like me, quite scientific and down to earth, because she made me understand, empirically, how powerful yoga can be. That was really inspiring and it encouraged me to teach.

On the other hand I always felt that for a month, she was completely aware of all our little improvements. Somehow, she managed to have always an eye on me and on all my other yoga mates in class, which was very heart-warming for the students.

Finally, thanks to her, I cannot stop reading yoga related anatomy books!!!!

Miquel, Barcelona (RYT500)

I met Rachel when I traveled to India to complete my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. She was one of my main instructors and I must say that I have admired her and respected her since then! Her deep and extensive knowledge is simply outstanding, and her teaching skills are splendid. Lately, I have had the great opportunity to work by her side, and she keeps inspiring me to be a better teacher every day. Speaking as a student, I think the reason we love her classes is because she is extraordinarily gifted at what she does; she grounds the spiritual aspect of Yoga with the practical application to our daily lives by offering tools for mind, body and spirit to become better people. I really feel fortunate to have her as a role model, as a tutor and as a friend!

Elizabeth, Costa Rica, Co-founder Paraiso Retreats (RYT200)